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Terms of Services

Here on this page, we wish to let you know about our terms via which you may use our mobile and/ or online services, software, or website provided on or anything that is in connection with all our services.
By using or accessing our JPG to PDF Converter Online you hereby agree to be in abidance to these Terms of services or the Terms & conditions ("Agreement") whether you have registered or not on our services. In case you disagree with a part or whole of these Terms of services, you would request you to refrain from using any of our Services.
By accepting the current Terms of services, the user hereby agrees to conform with all the subsequent service rules:

  1. To have completely read and understood everything written and explained here.
  2. To have assumed the agreements that are indicated here.
  3. To use our services exclusively for the purposes authorized by law and it does not infringe the rights of a third-party in any manner.
  4. To not take advantage or use this website for any type of unlawful interest. You are forbidden to break any term and conditions to produce content dedicated to generating SPAM or something that could provide any type of guidelines about how to involve in any sort of illegal activity.
  5. To not handle, gather or even store any personal information of third party or other Users without conforming with the current regulation concerning the security of information.

In case the regulations mentioned in Terms of services are in contradiction with the privacy policy in any manner, the Terms of services shall prevail.
Failure to conform with these agreements may result in termination of the Contract.

Rules for use of Service:

Your use of our Service online is subject to our reasonable Use of Policy, which has been generated to make sure that our service is fair for both the parties. Please note the below rules that are applicable while using our services online through your mobile/ desktop.
The use of any computerized or non-automated scraping process (like bots, spiders, and scrapers) in conjunction with our website is not permitted.

  1. Not editing or converting any documents with JPGto PDF converter at a rate that anonymously exceeds what a human can do either by using the conventional device or manual means.
  2. Not offering your details such as passwords/ user Id to any other person as well as not using anybody else's details to access our services.
  3. Not abusing the use of our services in excess as compared to what is reasonably required for personal use or any genuine business. We have the right to investigate any account that indicates over 1000 tasks within a month to verify compliance with the requirement.

At any point, if JPG to PDF converter determines that you have violated these terms of services, we may permanently or temporarily suspend your account or subscription to our Service.
Please follow all the terms of services given above to receive uninterrupted service from us and we shall always be available at your service.