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Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting our website and using our products. We hope you are satisfied with the services provided by us along with the best possible results.
We are very keen to keep your data and files safe and secure when you use our services, communicate with us electronically, and visit our website. We are writing this privacy policy to help you understand what data we collect, how we use it, etc. so that you are completely assured when you use our services.
The files that you upload and the generated files are saved in our servers only for a period which is required to competently process your request. Once it is done they are permanently removed from our servers. Even in the meantime, no one can access them.
The data provided by you for the conversion of required JPG to PDF files is absolutely safe and secure in our hands.
If you are providing any of your personal data in the documents or any personal data of a relative, friend or any person make sure that he or she is well aware of our privacy policy and terms of services. Make sure you go ahead and provide the data only if they are informed and you are allowed to do so. It is imperative that any such personal data provided by you is correct to your best knowledge.
In the following paragraphs, we strive to answer all your questions related to the privacy policy. These would inform you about the efforts that we take to keep your data safe and secure.

What information do we collect?

The information that is collected by us includes the files that you upload, and voluntarily provide us. Also, you may give permission to access certain information via other services. The information obtained from such services depends on your settings quite times. So make sure that you are aware of your settings and check them for the same.

How we use the information?

The information provided by you is used to make your experience a great one and provide you the best in market results. If used other than that, they are used to improve our product quality and enhance your user experience.


We follow the industry standards to protect your data both during the transmission and conversion. But in any case, we are not taking a 100% responsibility for your data. You are using our products knowing the potential risks after reading the terms of services along with our privacy policy.
We reserve exclusive rights to revise and change our privacy policy at any point in time. The updates regarding the same would be posted on the website. After that, if you continue to use our products you hereby agree to the revised policy.
We hope that you have read the privacy policy and understood it thoroughly before using our products.

Contact Information-

If your questions are not answered even yet, or you have any comments regarding the privacy policy you can write to us and contact via-